Do You Have Unclaimed Property?

My office is working to reunite residents in our district with their unclaimed property. We are sending letters to more than 1,000 residents who have unclaimed property valued at more than $1,000.

The Pennsylvania Office of the State Treasurer estimates approximately one out of every 10 Pennsylvania residents has unclaimed property. Are you one of them?

Unclaimed property refers to tangible items or financial accounts with no activity or contact for an extended period. These items – such as the contents of safety deposit boxes, checking or savings accounts, stocks, insurance payments or refunds, certificates of deposit, utility security deposits and other financial accounts – are turned over to the Pennsylvania Treasury.

You can search the Pennsylvania Treasury website to determine if you have unclaimed property.

If you have unclaimed property, you may submit a claim through the website.

You may have unclaimed property valued below $5,000, which is why I encourage all residents to search the Pennsylvania Treasury website.

If you have questions or concerns, you can email the Pennsylvania Treasury at TUPMail@PaTreasury.Gov or call the Bureau of Unclaimed Property customer service line at 800-222-2046.

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