Coleman Skeptical of Governor’s Proposal to Spend $1 Million on Empty Lot

Local lawmaker instead wants to give money back to working Pennsylvanians

ALLENTOWN – State Sen. Jarrett Coleman (R-16) today issued the following statement following a publicity event held by Gov. Josh Shapiro highlighting his proposal to spend more than $1 million on an empty lot in Allentown:

“This is a clear example of a fundamental difference of opinion about who can best spend taxpayer money and how to grow our economy. The governor thinks more government spending on bureaucrat-selected projects is the answer, while I believe Pennsylvania should let taxpayers keep, spend and invest more of their own money,” said Coleman, who voted yesterday for a bill containing the largest tax cut for working families in Pennsylvania history. The legislation earned Senate approval with substantial bipartisan support.

“The governor wants to spend more than $1 million in taxpayer money to fix up a vacant lot with the hope that someone, someday might like to open a business on it. I believe that money would be better used by reducing the state income tax so working Pennsylvanians can keep more of the money they earn. Providing income tax relief would send the clear message that hard work pays more in Pennsylvania. Spending taxpayer money on this empty patch of earth could potentially help one company, whereas income tax relief would help every Pennsylvanian who works and earns a paycheck.

“This comes down to a decision between state government spending more taxpayer money on empty lots or giving the money back to the hardworking people who earned it.”

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CONTACT: Leo Knepper

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