Amid State Economic Development Secretary’s Visit Coleman Calls on Governor to Adopt Tax and Regulatory Reforms

ALLENTOWN – State Sen. Jarrett Coleman (R-16) today issued the following statement as Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development Secretary Rick Siger visits the region to push for Gov. Josh Shapiro’s targeted, government-directed economic development proposals:

“I am glad Gov. Josh Shapiro is focusing on jobs and the economy, but Pennsylvania needs to improve the economic climate for all job creators in the commonwealth.

“Rather than focusing on an alphabet soup of government programs providing targeted incentives to hand-picked businesses, Pennsylvania should reduce the regulatory and tax burdens on all employers to promote broad-based economic growth.

“Instead of looking to state government for special treatment and handouts, most small employers and job creators want government to create a fair tax climate, level the playing field and eliminate job-killing regulations.

“State government economic development programs help companies that have the time and resources to chase after targeted incentives, whereas improved tax policies and regulatory relief benefit job creators without requiring them to jump through bureaucratic hoops.

“I want to work with Gov. Shapiro and my colleagues in the General Assembly to enact tax and regulatory reform policies that promote widespread job creation. When bureaucrats select economic winners and losers, a small group of well-connected businesses win, while taxpayers, small employers and Pennsylvania workers all lose.”

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CONTACT: Leo Knepper

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