Coleman on President’s Allentown Visit: If Bidenomics Worked, He Wouldn’t Have to Brag

ALLENTOWN – State Sen. Jarrett Coleman (R-16) today issued the following statement ahead of President Joe Biden’s visit Friday to the Allentown area:

“Bidenomics – the idea that government, rather than hard-working private citizens, creates economic growth – is not working for many people in our area. If Bidenomics created a healthy economy, the president wouldn’t need to brag about it or try to convince people to be excited about it.

“Many people in our area are struggling to make ends meet due to the inflation brought about by Bidenomics. High interest rates and material costs are putting the dream of homeownership out of reach for too many families. As far as many Pennsylvanians are concerned, Bidenomics isn’t something to brag about.

“The media reported this is the president’s first visit to the Lehigh Valley in more than two years. If the president visited our area during the past two years when his name wasn’t going to appear on a ballot, he would have learned his economic policies are leaving too many families behind. The president’s message does not line up with the economic realities many Pennsylvanians are facing.”

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CONTACT: Leo Knepper

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